Love Songs For Teens

These are my songs that help me when I’m crushing…. crushing hard.

1.Dangerously in Love – Beyoncé/Destiny’s Child

2. At Your Best You are Love- Aaliyah

3.There Goes my Baby- Usher

4. Adore You- Miley Cyrus

5.Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston

6.Boom Clap – Charlie XOX

7.Locked out of Heaven – Bruno Mars

8.If it’s Lovin that you Want – Rihanna

9.Jungle – Drake

10. Drunk in LOOOOVVVE (WE BE ALLL NIGHT) -Beyonce

CsiinSational Clothing: Homecoming 2015

Disclaimer: I’m not being paid advertise. It’s just something I really love.

  If you’re like me , you’re not into the big over the top sparkly rhinestone dresses. Something like that would be cool for Senior Year. Well I’m a freshman, who also happens to be in Leadership. ( A.k.a the planning committee for every event basically.)

   Our theme is a Black and White Ball. I’m there to set up and help. I chose something basic but sleek, affordable, and  flattering.  This dress is from H&M.



I’ll be Back 

Currently I am in school. Yes, I’m a freshman. Right now I’m gonna be focused on school. So far as blogs go, every Saturday ,that’s going to be on hold for a while.  

Thanks for all the support that I’ve gotten.  I’ll be back ✌🏿️

Not Heaven Yet

This is for my people who might be going through the same things I’m going through. ( Read Prior Posts)

Tonya LaLonde

We are not in heaven yet. This is obvious, of course. The big thing is that many people are taught that God is somehow at our command to only bless us and give us success and wealth and riches and perfect health in this life and if we don’t have those things, we don’t have enough faith or have some unconfessed sin that is to blame. This is simply a load of lies straight from the enemy. Why? Because this life, and God is very clear on this in His Word, this life is to test and build us up so we prove ourselves worthy in accepting salvation to go to heaven when this life is over and we pass the test. Why the heck do you think we have so many obstacles that seem like they were placed there on purpose? Because they were. Yes, God wants to bless…

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Staying Motivated 

This is going to be a  short blog this week.

   It’s such a huge constant struggle staying motivated . Especially when everyone is telling you that you can’t do something. Yeah, I can be like,”no you’re wrong”, but to hear it constantly, and not getting the support you need is hard . I have to remind myself why I’m even doing this. Why I’m writing this blog. I love all the positive feedback that I get from everyone . 

One day I had a break through . Wondering why I was put on this earth, I was put on this earth to change people’s life’s. That’s exactly what I’m going to do. Changing life’s and blocking the negativity out . It’s amazing how I’m writing about how  I have  a lack of motivation and POOF, there go God sprinkling some reminder on me. 

MORAL: always try to keep motivation . Block negativity out.


Oh Love, Oh Love Part2

Somebody is ugly to everybody.

 School is approaching and shit gets real.

To get straight to the point I have a quick excircise. In reality you should love your heart,mind, and soul. If you don’t like who you are , your personality , change it.Change is the new black.

There’s going to be 4 days for this activity.

Day 1:Stare at yourself in the mirror, just look at yourself, any chance you get . Get used to your body and your flaws.

Day 2: Cover up any mirrors you have . Do not look at any mirrors.(This is a very important part.) When your getting ready for school don’t apply makeup , don’t look at yourself in the mirror before you leave, just avoid it . The mirror is not your friend today.

Day3:You’re still avoiding the mirror, but not so much. You can apply makeup that’s about all. This time spend time by yourself at school and at home. During lunch sit by yourself.Don’t tell anybody why you’re sitting by yourself , just do it.

Day 4: This is the finale. Day 3 will help you realize who your real friends are, who will actually notice when something’s wrong . Day 2, at the end of the night you should seem a little bit happier about yourself and more accepting you’ll see that all the time you spend in the mirror looking at yourself nobody really gives a flying crap about how your clothes are placed or if they can see some fat. You’ve just been completely wasting you’re time all these years. #notworthit 


  Some people might need to extend each step by two. It’s all about Happiness. Self love is the best love. Get right mentally. Meditate. Pray.

Oh Love,Oh Love-Part 1

  Self love is definetly the hardest. There’s constant working out. Constantly checking on stretch marks. Everytime you walk past a mirror you lift up your shirt to see if your stomach has grew or shrunken. Giving up foods and then planning your cheat day. Always googling how many calories is in a fruit or vegetable. Or how about, seeing the girl with the flat stomach who sorta matches your body type so in order to get motivation, you put her as your lock screen on your phone.

  I do have to say since August 2014 I’ve lost 30-40. I was 190 pounds last year. I am now 157. My goal is 140. My weight has always been a big issue growing up . I don’t like being unhappy ALL the time. (I do think it is okay to be unhappy every now again because it allows me to just stop everything that I’m doing and just focus on myself.) So if being more fit makes me more happy then I’m going to continue to do that. The process of happiness, not so much, but the results are very rewarding

  I honestly love myself and have very high self esteem now.  It’s like now that I’ve proven to myself that I can do anything I put my mind to, my self esteem has been through the roof. Someone would say,”You look like you’ve lost weight .”. With a big smile on my face , I’d be like,”I know”. I love my body my personality. Everything about me .

  Part 2:It’s not all about your physical appearance. It’s more of your mental appearance.TO BE CONTINUED.


The “F-Word”: Why Social Politeness is Transparent

Quiet As It's Kept

fat girls

(Left to Right: Alyson Hannigan [Date Movie, 2006], Philomena Kwao, Essie Golden, Tess Holliday)

For the typical size 18 girl like myself, the summer months bring along the ever complicated dilemma: wear longer clothes that cover up “problem areas” but threaten to cause heat stroke, or throw caution to the wind and go for the shorts and tank top that show every jiggle and bump. Up until my senior year of high school, skirts and shorts were out of the question. The last thing I wanted was for everyone to see the bits of me that made me the most insecure about myself. It was a question of comfort. At least clothes left everything to the imagination; I would rather burn under the summer sun to please others than show everyone my chubby arms and legs.

And that’s when it hit me. It’s not like my body was a secret…

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Pretty in Pink: Rethinking Elle Woods

The opening sequence of Legally Blonde is all pink products and blond hair. We cut between scenes of college and sorority life – a girl being catcalled by frat guys as she bikes past their house, girls in pink workout gear on treadmills, those Tiffany’s heart bracelets everywhere – and Reese Witherspoon’s silky hair and perfectly manicured hands surrounded by beauty-products and markers of traditionally recognizable, material femininity: Herbal Essences “True Color” Blonde hair-dye; nail polishes; dried roses on a stack of Cosmopolitans; a Homecoming Queen banner; a lovingly decorated “President” sorority paddle. Everything that could be pink is pink, from the bedspread, to the glitter pens used to write on a pink card in a pink envelope, to the doggy-sweater for Bruiser, Elle Wood’s chic Chihuahua.

Just four minutes into the movie, a salesgirl sizes Elle up the way many viewers – my thirteen year-old self included –…

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I Looked At A Rapist In The Mirror And Saw Him Smiling Back.


*this piece has been published with permission of the referenced person*

The first time I was sexually assaulted I must have been 9 or 10 years old.

I was violated by two family friends who were brothers and who would have been about 14 and 15.

Or maybe that was the second time.

The first time might have been by an older female cousin around the same time. She pressured me to go into a closet and make out with her. I think we may have done more, but I don’t like to think about that.

I didn’t object to any of these interactions. I was too young for that to matter, of course, but it was difficult for me to make sense of the fact that I consented without having the agency to do so, thus I had a hard time using the words “sexual assault” to describe what…

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